Cloud Watching !

Monday, June 8, 2020: Today we are going to start some fun activities for you to do at home. Watch the clouds for 10 minutes and find one that looks like an animal. If you want to share your find with others, take photo and upload to Facebook or send it to our email at, so we can all see. Summer Reading Continues. Sign up continues all the month of June.

City Garage Sales

Saturday, June 6, 2020 City Wide Garage Sales. The Erie City Public Library will be giving away books from 9-12 noon. Please stop by the library to get some great books to take home. Take as many as you like and enjoy. These books are either books that have been weeded from our library or are donations from patrons.

Today is Imagine Your Story Day

Friday, June 5, 2020. Today is Imagine Your Story Day. During the time that our children have been doing school at home, and learning about being healthy and safe, they have had experiences that are brand new to them and to everyone in their life. Doing a journal or writing stories, or even collecting pictures, taking photos gives your child a chance to record history. This is a historical time. If you would like to share some of these with others, you can bring them to the library and we will display your creations to share. We will return them to you after the display. If you want ideas on how to do this, call Julie at the library and I will help you with it.

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