New Year’s Goals

Have you made your New Year’s Goals yet? Or are you perfect just the way you are? Add going to the library to your list. We have much to offer to you. Books, movies, computer use, and a place to just hang out. Beginning January 4, 2019 we will be offering a Men’s Coffee time from 10 am to 12 noon. Come by for coffee, friendship and cookies. Bring a friend!

Internet Agreements for Children

Beginning January 2, 2019 The Erie City Public Library will require that children under the age of 18 have a Parent signed internet agreement in place before they are able to use the internet. All children who have come to the library during Winter Break were given a copy of the agreement with a letter for the parent about this upcoming change.

The Library has also decided to limit children a period of 100 minutes of computer time at a stretch. In order to extend this time, the child must be off the computer for a period of 15 minutes before being allowed back on. During this 15 minutes, they may read, work on puzzles, go out to the park or color.
Please call me at the library at 620-244-5119 if you have questions about this policy.

Levels of Cozy

The weather is changing this week from warm to chilly winter days with snow and cold winds. Up your level of cozy with some cozy mysteries or warm romance novels or zesty westerns. Come to the library to get some to keep you cozy all weekend.

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