New Books

November 2018

Her Cowboy’s Twin Blessings, by Patricia Johns.
Beneath Montana Skies, by Mia Ross.
A Cowboy in Shepard’s Crossing, by Ruth Logan Herne.
Sweet Tea and Spirits, by Angie Fox.

October 2018
Adult Books
As The Tide Comes In, by Cindy Woodsmall.
Freedom’s Light, by Colleen Coble.
Ours for a Season, by Kim Vogle Sawyer.
The Light Before Day, by Suzanne Woods Fisher.
Rise of the Mystics, by Ted Dekker.
The Pawnbroker, by David and Aimee Thurlo.
Fatal Inquiry, by Will Thomas.
The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady, by Elizabeth Stuckey-French.
The Last Mercenary, by Diana Palmer.
The First Love, by Beverly Lewis.
The Diva Cooks Up A Storm, by Krista Davis.
Man In Control, by Diana Palmer.
De’ja Moo, by Kirsten Weiss.
Claws for Concern, by Miranda James.
Murder With Lemon Tea Cakes, by Karen Rose Smith.
Give Your Heart To The Hawks, by Win Blevins.
New Mexico Showdown, by Preston Lewis.
Princess, by James Patterson.

Children’s Books
Darius the Great Is Not Okay, by Adib Khorram.
Hungry Bunny, by Claudia Rueda.
The Rough Patch, by Brian Lies.
Paula Deen’s My First Cookbook, by Paula Deen.
Paula Deen’s Cookbook for The Lunch-Box Set, by Paula Deen.